ETC3 is a Virginia Beach-based acoustic/electric trio that specializes in creative interpretations of covers old and new, as well as new original material.  As the chapter was closing on their prior musical project, Padric (guitar & vocals), Alex (drums, harmonica & vocals) and Brent (bass & vocals) decided to continue their shared musical connection and artistic vision and began this ETC3 adventure. 

As anyone who has seen the trio perform live knows that ETC3 has an extremely strong musical connection.  While it’s a relatively new project, the band connection runs much deeper than meets the eye.  Two of the trio, Pad and Alex, grew up in the Alameda, CA area unbeknownst to one another until stories and anecdotes led them to realize this small world connection.  Both eventually landed on the opposite coast in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia but remained out of one another’s immediate orbits.  What about the other guy, Brent?  Well, being born and raised in Virginia Beach isn’t nearly as cool, in regard to the story here.

While in California and Virginia, each member honed his craft through years in the trenches with their various musical projects and experiences.  Padric’s resume includes One Step Beyond, Puddinhead, The Reckless Maybes, and Bad Weather Birds, among many other projects.  Alex brought his percussive touch to bands such as Crab Nebula, Family Tree, Headspace, Bad Weather Birds, and Derek Smith Trio.  Brent has played with Eclectic Seven, The Famous Clever, and The Muckrakes, as well as founding the Bad Weather Birds in 2013.

Drawing on all of these experiences and lessons, ETC3 is a realization of a new potential.  Through well-thought out well-written tunes, masterful musical interplay, a desire to cater our sound, vibe, and setlist to an audience, and a strong sense of humor, ETC3 provides a live experience like no other.